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What kind of support does INCA give for test prep?

Free Board Certification Review Course for all INCCP Graduates

First and foremost, know that we have a 100% pass rate for the NC-BC exam.

We are particularly proud of this, considering how many graduates we have and how many years we’ve been around! Also, during Part 1: INC Foundations, there are 2-4 weekly “quiz” questions to begin prepping you for NC-BC board certification from the start. (Quiz is in quotations because it is not a formal quiz/grade. You can take the quiz as many times as you need to get them all correct!).

During Part 2: INC Practicum, there are quiz questions as well, along with assigned readings from the book to continue your preparation for board certification. The course content continues to be reviewed in your supervision small groups led by your NC-BC faculty member.


Near the end of the course, you will get access to a dedicated NC-BC review course with dozens of practice questions and helpful resources to guide your studying!