1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program

What does a nurse coach do?

The roles of nurses are many: educator, advocate, researcher, leader, clinician … the list goes on. A key component to coaching is the utilization of specialized communication techniques to help guide clients toward goals he/she sets for his/herself. These skills require study, practice and refining to effectively coach a client/patient. 

That’s where our program comes in. These skills and techniques are not only taught, but experienced in this program, and are useful in any and all nursing specialties. They allow the nurse to create a healing environment that allows an openness and willingness for behavior change to occur.

Nurse Coaching provides a specialty framework to deliver integrative care. It allows nurses to practice independently or right where they are in the present moment with a holistic and integrative philosophy. Many nurses have been conditioned to practice in a fragmented system that does not recognize the whole person.

Another key component of the integrative nurse coach certificate program is Self-Development of the Nurse. Hundreds of our nurse graduates across the world have reported an unexpected, life changing self-transformation through recognition that there have been parts of their wholeness and wellbeing that needed nourishment. By improving self first, we can experience an improved approach to care for our clients.

Regarding board certification- there are no regualtions that say you must be board certificed to practice nurse coaching. Our program does not provide board certification directly, but rather teaches the most current, evidence-based coaching techniques and competencies, while fulfilling the continuing education and coaching hour prerequisites to sit for the nurse coach and holistic nurse board certification exams provided by The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (ahncc.org). 

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