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  2. Functional Medicine for Nurses™

What can I do with this knowledge once I’ve completed the Functional Medicine for Nurses?

This program will give you a working understanding of functional medicine principles, and how to apply them within a nursing framework.  Functional medicine interventions are equally nursing interventions.  The most powerful methods used in functional medicine are fully within the scope of an RN, and can be applied in their current work setting.  For advanced practice nurses (APNs), there is the added scope of prescriptive authority, but a large percentage of functional medicine practitioners (including nurses) use no prescriptive therapies.  Additionally, some providers choose to provide safe, effective care with no lab data (or they have patients bring them recent labs for review).  We will explore methods for RNs and APNs to heal and promote wellness using powerful methodologies in a safe, effective manner in a broad spectrum of settings and with a variety of resources at their disposal.  The program includes content on clinical implementation of skills.  We will explore case studies throughout the program to help solidify your learning and practice applying your new knowledge. The main goal of this course is to prepare you to apply healing functional medicine practice in any healthcare setting.  Upon successful completion of the program, you may choose to call yourself a functional medicine nurse and work in the practice setting of your choice. For some, this will be as a nurse coach/ consultant/ entrepreneur, for others this may be part of their bedside nursing or other clinical practice.  We will explore avenues for specializing in a specific niche of functional medicine that you are passionate about.