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How much time do I need to spend per week on course work?

Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program

Time Requirements

Nearly all of our students are working full-time alongside the program (and many are full-time parents, too!)

Part 1 Integrative Nurse Coach™ Foundations

  • 12 weeks
  • requires 4-5 hours a week. Everything is online. There are weekly modules you complete on your own time. The only “required “ time is when you’re meeting with your peer to do coaching and when you’re meeting with your faculty supervisor every other week on a day and time you’ve selected, usually in the evenings for an hour and a half. While attendance is required at these live web meetings, we understand that life does happen! :) If you happen to miss a meeting, they are recorded and you can watch on your time, complete an assignment and you’ll receive credit.

Part 2 Integrative Nurse Coach™ Practicum

  • 16 weeks
  • requires 6-7 hours per week depending on how much time you’re available for your coaching clients. Coaching clients can be done online using provided virtual meeting software, on the phone, or in person. Modules are every 3 weeks and you also meet every three weeks with your faculty supervisor for 2 hours on the same day and time as Foundations to discuss how the coaching clients is going, discuss a case study, and give some feedback on the assigned readings. This is Practicum so the majority of the work is about your coaching clients. You have control over how often you are coaching. The faculty members work with the students to assist with this process and help you along the way. Again, the supervised meetings are recorded so if you miss one you can watch the recording and submit feedback for credit.

Deferral Policy

We do have a policy if you need to defer one time within the first week of the program, you can let your supervisor know that you need to move to another cohort due to scheduling or life concerns. After the first week of the program, if you need to defer for any reason, there is a processing fee.


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