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  2. Integrative Nurse Coach™ Certificate Program

Do you teach how to start a nurse coaching business &/or provide ongoing mentorship?

Yes, we do cover the basics of starting a nurse coaching business and have a thriving, supportive alumni community that offers ongoing support.

While we do cover the basics of starting a nurse coaching business, our primary focus is on preparing you to become the best nurse coach possible BEFORE you can move on to the business side of your nurse coaching career.

In addition, based on feedback from many of our alumni, we learned that many of our students were NOT interested in starting their own business but rather, for example, incorporating nurse coaching into their current nursing roles. Other alumni were interested in bringing nurse coaching into primary care, functional medicine, &/or naturopathic physician practices, on the hospital floor, and in nursing education--to name a few.

It is also important to note that many reputable hospital systems choose to send their nurses through our Nurse Coaching program, as we are the original & longest running Nurse Coaching program created by nursing pioneers who literally wrote the book on nurse coaching, developed the Theory of Integrative Nurse Coaching, and devised the research-validated Integrative Health & Wellness Assessment tool. Hospital systems don’t want to send their nurses through a program that focuses on teaching nurses how to start their own business rather than focusing on teaching them how to become truly effective nurse coaches. Learn more here about why becoming a Nurse Coach with INCA is the right choice for you.

With this in mind, we felt we could meet the needs of the portion of students interested in starting their own businesses by creating an intensive and optional add-on program. INCA’s Business of Nurse Coaching program is led by Catie Harris, PhD, MBA, and Registered Nurse: the NursePreneur Mentor who has empowered thousands of nurses to monetize their knowledge and skills in business, while inspiring them to change the way healthcare is perceived and delivered. Catie shows you exactly how to set up the business practice as well as package, position, and price your unique service. The marketing component of the business course will provide you with the strategies to bring in non-stop clients.

If you register for the Business of Nurse Coaching program within 30 days of registering for the INCCP, you can save $$ on tuition. Contact us to learn more.

To learn more about the Business of Nurse Coaching program, click here.

To learn more about the Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate program, click here